With every breath comes a decision

Every day we make thousands of decisions in our lives – some big, some small. Some we are more conscious of than others. If each of us made a few adjustments with our decisions every day – we could create an impact in our own lives and also with our families, communities, neighborhoods, the environment, and the world around us.  Let’s explore these decisions together as we step in to living a life with intention, meaning, and change the world while we are doing it.

What choices will you make today?  Joy? Kindness? Compassion? Perhaps to listen, to love…to be still?

One of the most important decisions we can make is to take responsibility for our own lives, happiness, and for our contributions to and impact on the world around us. Once we do this, we are able to free ourselves from our own limitations and emerge from the life we were told to live. Once we do this – we are the change makers.

This way of life transcends the superficial boundaries of ‘Personal’ vs ‘Professional’. These things are not separate. By bringing your conscious ‘whole-self’ to everything you do, to every interaction, to every breath – you create a ripple effect that will resonate through every aspect of your life and beyond.

I believe in the power of community

Humans thrive in community. This is how we were meant to live, work and play. The emphasis on individualism in recent history works against our ability to thrive. As a community we can co-create our future through shared purpose, elevating the value of each other, collective problem solving, sharing resources, uplifting others and working as a collective.

I actively work to be anti-racist and to unpack my own privilege

I stand in solidarity with movements for collective liberation and justice. So as a white, cis-gendered woman, I actively work to be anti-racist. Black Lives Matter and no body is free until all bodies are free.

I am a lifelong learner

I am made aware every day of how little I know. Approaching life with a beginners mind opens up possibilities every day that would have otherwise remained unseen. I listen to my own wisdom and continuously educate myself so that I can be a better person today than yesterday – and I understand that this journey will continue until I no longer walk this earth.