Strategic advisor and coach
I am a firm believer that no matter what you do for a living you can make a huge difference in the lives of others.  If you show up as your authentic self, uplift others, approach everything you do with kindness and grace – you will make a significant positive impact and create a ripple effect. Approaching your customers and audiences this way will elevate your work/business in unimaginable ways. I help map out ways to make meaning, and to create experiences that matter.

Human-centered strategist and visionary
My career journey centered around the intersection of technology, communications, engagement, and organizational effectiveness. My superpower combines my ability to uplift teams, facilitate collective visioning, nurture innovation, and design roadmaps. I have extensive experience engaging with customers, stakeholders, volunteers, and staff, often making serendipitous connections between new ideas, strategic priorities, and existing activities while motivating teams to bring their full commitment to their work. 

Digital leader and trailblazer
Over the past 30 years, I served nonprofits, industry organizations, and professional societies – working at a strategic level to maximize awareness, visibility, impact, and engagement.  I have won several awards for my work, been featured in multiple publications, and continue to speak on topics such as digital transformation, community centric approaches, and creating meaningful and engaging experiences.

I actively work to unpack my own privilege, be anti-racist, and to stand in solidarity for collective liberation and justice

As a white woman, I actively work to unpack my own privilege and to be anti-racist.

Lifelong learner

I am made aware every day of how little I know. Approaching life with a beginners mind opens up possibilities every day that would have otherwise remained unseen. I listen to my own wisdom and continuously educate myself so that I can be a better person today than yesterday – and I understand that this journey will continue until I no longer walk this earth.

I believe in the power of community

Humans thrive in community. This is how we were meant to live, work and play. The emphasis on individualism in recent history works against our ability to thrive. As a community we can co-create our future through shared purpose, elevating the value of each other, collective problem solving, sharing resources, uplifting others and working as a collective.

Master Naturalist and Gardener
I am a Virginia Master Naturalist and a lover of things that grow.