Why trying to find my passion led to distraction

For many years I was asleep. Perhaps it was my brain simply trying to protect me from the hurts of the world, both past and present. Or perhaps it was just the”default” mode of operation that I ended up in after years of closing the doors and hiding from the truth of my life during that time. In 2007, […]

What really matters at work

Working with great people. Coming up with great ideas. Working together on projects. Accomplishing big and small tasks, together. Solving problems. Learning new things. Helping others. Figuring sh*t out. Inspiring each other. Navigating obstacles. Contributing to a purpose outside of yourself. Making someone else’s day brighter. Together, being better that we were yesterday. I think that sums […]

On failure and being a whole person

Failure is pain. It bruises our pride and our ego, and pokes holes in the image we have worked so hard to create… it disappoints. Failure shows that we are vulnerable and imperfect beings. No one likes to fail. In all honesty, I have failed miserably – and on more than one occasion. Failed projects, relationships, jobs, […]

My Manifesto for Being Amazing at Work

I love manifestos. I love the way they clearly and passionately articulate how things should or could be and provide guidance about how to get there. I was recently inspired by Maddie’s  ICYMI: The Future Of Work Manifesto and Gretchen Rubin’s series of manifestos, so I decided to write my own about something I spend a lot […]

Purpose and Passion: Why your “true calling” doesn’t have to be just one thing

For years I thought that for my work to really matter it had to be my passion. Or, I had to work for an organization with the meaningful philanthropic mission, or simply have work that allowed me to directly make some sort of epic difference in the world. The reality is that most of us just […]

Decisions, Decisions: How our smallest choices can make big impact

Every day is made up of literally thousands of decisions. What decisions will I make today more consciously? What decisions will I make today to feel better, physically, emotionally, spiritually? What decisions will I make today to make a difference in someone else’s life? What decisions will I make today to support the environment/mother earth? […]