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Rebel Chef Meals
Rebel Chef Meals offers meal prep options for everyone.

First Batch Foods
First Batch Foods offers vegan meal prep from street tacos to Louisiana gumbo.

New York City

Veganeik is a full-service New York City based catering company specializing in the Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Vegan diets.

Chantel’s Catering
Chantel’s Catering offers meal prep services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They are SafeServ certified and have an NYC Food Handlers Certification.

Chef Nep Kitchen
Chef Nep Kitchen offers plant based, vegan, organic and flavorful Caribbean dishes with a range of options for customers, emphasizing customer service and presentation.

Dallas Fort Worth

Field of Greens DFW
Field of Greens DFW brings fresh weekly meal prep, private dinners, small catering, and family style dinners.


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